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Considering Solar Installation in Long Beach? What You Need To Know

The move away from non-renewable resources and into renewable energy has been happening for a while now, but only recently have technologies like solar power really hit their stride. The technology has advanced to a stage where the average home roof can harvest not only enough solar power to meet their needs but actually begin to produce more energy than is needed by the household.

This makes the migration toward solar power even more attractive. But there are still some people on the fence, and if you’re one of those people this guide should help you see some of the more significant benefits that can be gained from a solar installation in Long Beach.

The Long Beach Climate

Anyone who has lived in Long Beach knows what the climate is like: sunny. Long Beach probably gets more sun than most places in the state, and all of that sun is potential power for your home and money off of your bill. Long Beach has an incredible number of sun hours each year, giving you limitless potential for energy.

Do You Live In An HOA?

While some HOAs do prohibit solar panels entirely, belonging to a homeowner’s association isn’t the end of the world for solar enthusiasts. In many cases, the HOA will allow solar panel installations, provided certain guidelines are adhered to. Check with your HOA and then with your potential solar installer, they will likely be able to help get your system installed without ruffling any feathers.

Your Surplus Energy Isn’t Wasted

In California, homeowners that power their homes with solar panels, and produce excess energy are permitted to sell that energy back to state energy authorities and receive compensation for it. This can mean a significant reduction in your monthly energy bill, or even the production of a large enough offset that your monthly bill becomes a monthly credit.

Incentives Can Sweeten The Deal

Many people assume that they’ll have to shoulder the cost of their home’s solar system and installation on their own, but in many situations, there are incentives and tax breaks that are provided by local, county, state, and even federal agencies.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit, for example, provides a 1:1 reduction in your tax liability for each dollar spent on a solar power system that year. The credit is currently a maximum of 26% of the total system cost, which can amount to several thousand dollars in credit, though it steps down to 22% in 2023, and the following year the credit ends. Savvy consumers can also get incentives through local and state entities as well, often as tax rebates.

Most Companies Offer Free Quotes

While not true 100% of the time, in Long Beach the best solar installers will provide you with a free quote for your solar installation. They will come out to your home, measure the area and pitch of your roof, and provide you with various system options.

Generally, at this point, you will be able to customize your system and get a final, more accurate quote that will often only be valid for a short time. Quotes are only valid for a set time because the cost of materials can change, and it helps to protect both you and the installation company from unanticipated budget overruns.

For More Information About Long Beach Solar Installation

If you feel like you’re ready to get a quote on your solar installation, or if you need more information first, reach out today to speak with a local professional about your needs. You can get specifics on what it would cost to equip your home with solar power, and how much that can save you annually based on usage. Before you know it you’ll be ready to start freeing yourself from monthly power bills.

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