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Solar Installers In Los Angeles County: Finding The Right One

Solar power installations are becoming more popular every day, and it’s no wonder when they can not only save money but help provide continuous power without the fear of blackouts or weather-related outages. But with how massive Los Angeles County is, there are so many options that it can become frustrating just trying to compare them. If you are ready for solar, or just considering it, here is what you need to know about finding the best solar installer for your home.

If You Live In LA County Solar Is Right For You

For anyone living in Los Angeles County, the number of sun hours the county gets per year makes it almost nonsensical to not have a solar system harvesting that power for you. The power that can be generated by the average home’s roof is more than that home can use in a day, and eventually, their battery bank will be full as well, which means any more power produced is surplus.

California state law says that not only can residents sell their surplus generated power back to the state power agencies, but it also stipulates that they must compensate the person for that power as well. This means that your excess energy will provide large offsets to your regular power bill, and may eventually result in monthly credit instead of an amount due.

Why It Matters If Your Solar Installer Isn’t The Best

When you hire a company to install your new solar power system, the panels will often be located on the roof of the home. This means that for solar installers to be experienced and successful, they also need to have extensive experience in roofing.

Not only will they need to properly mount and anchor the solar racking and panels to the roof, but they will need to ensure that it’s done in a manner that preserves the integrity of the roof and doesn’t allow water to penetrate. Once mounted they will also need to ensure that the panels are wired in the correct sequence to provide the system voltage needed, as well as to wire all of the peripheral charging equipment correctly to avoid fire or malfunction.

Finding The Best Solar Installers For You

Before you decide on a solar installer for your Los Angeles County home, there are a few things you should check out first.

Check Their Track Record

Your potential solar installer should be able to provide you with some references from previous clients who are satisfied with their installation. In some cases, you may be able to either speak with these clients, or sometimes you may be able to see the completed project in person; Los Angeles County is big, but it’s not undrivable.

Ask About License, Insurance, And Permits

These are important things to verify with your potential installer. They should have a current license to operate in Los Angeles County, hiring otherwise can subject you to possible fines. Proof of valid insurance should be available, to make sure you and your home are protected in the event of an accident. Also, ask them about permits and if they will handle obtaining them if needed, most times the contractor will handle it, but it’s not a guarantee.

Let An Experienced Local Professional Handle Your Solar Needs

Whether you’re still on the fence about having solar installed on your Los Angeles County home, or have decided that cheaper and more abundant energy is right for you, reach out for a quote today. If you’re still undecided, you can at least get an estimate on the job, and work out the specifics of the system’s power, then you’ll be better equipped to decide if it’s right for your situation. If you already know that it’s time for solar, you can get your quote and immediately schedule the project, so that you can get rid of the grid sooner.

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