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Still On The Fence About Solar Installs In Cerritos? The Benefits Of Solar Power

Cerritos has the ideal sunny California climate to harvest massive amounts of solar energy for power production, and more residents are starting to realize this. This is driving a significant migration away from depending on the often-overburdened power grid, and into a more self-sufficient renewable power source.

While there are a ton of benefits to solar power, we’ll only cover some of the most significant upsides to solar power. You’ll have an easier time with your monthly utility bill, and right now solar power is the cheapest it’s even been to implement. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to interrupt your power source when it is almost entirely self-contained to your home.

Solar Power Can Save & Make You Money

One of the most commonly-sought benefits of solar is the reduction or even elimination of the home’s reliance on the power grid. This means that the more power you pull and store from your panels, the less you pull from the power agency, which means less of their exorbitant energy fees.

Since California allows homeowners to sell their surplus solar power to the grid, it also mandates that the agencies receiving the power must compensate the homeowner for it. This is another way to reduce your bill even further, and in some cases, it can even result in a monthly credit that the power company owes you. This can eventually amount to enough money to have paid for the panels, and even generate more than they cost, essentially earning you money.

Tax Rebates And Other Incentives Make It Cheaper Than Ever

For many years, one of the primary hurdles to a home solar installation in Cerritos was the cost, but that is no longer the case. With recent advancements in solar technology, the cost of solar panels and a sufficient power bank has never been more affordable. On top of the lower overall cost of the system, there are numerous other incentives and tax credits that a homeowner can claim after installing a solar system.

There is a Federal Solar Tax Credit which gives homeowners who install solar power systems the opportunity to claim a dollar-for-dollar reduction in their tax liability. This can be claimed for up to 26% of the total system cost, through the end of 2022. Starting in 2023 the credit is reduced to 22% of the system cost, and it will end in 2024. There are also state incentives that can be applied for, and even those on a local or municipal level.

Solar Power Guards Against Power Loss

Anyone in Southern California, Cerritos especially, should be familiar with periodic, rolling, or unpredictable blackouts. This is more common in the peak of summer, but it can happen year-round, and it can be frustrating for anyone working or relaxing at home.

No matter what the state of the local power grid is, your solar installation will provide you with steady power during the day, and your power bank will store additional power for periods when the sun or grid power isn’t available. This means that even if the neighborhood power is knocked out by a severe storm or other calamities, your home’s power will remain undisturbed.

Contact A Leading Solar Installer For Cerritos

Whether you feel you’re ready to take the leap into a greener form of power for your home, or if you need more information before deciding, talk to a professional today for a quote. If you are ready to get rid of the grid, you can discuss the specific options you want for your system, and then schedule the work to be done at your convenience.

If you’re still pondering, getting a quote can help you put real numbers on the table. What it will cost, how much juice it will put out, and how much it will save you each year. Then you should feel much more confident in your eventual decision.

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