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Getting Off The Grid In Pomona

Whether you’ve always dreamed of living off the grid, or you’re just tired of the high cost of powering your home, Pomona, CA is a great place to live if you want to utilize solar power. With the higher than average amount of sunny days, you don’t have to worry about lacking electricity. If you’re going to make the change to solar, hiring a professional is the best way to ensure your installation is done properly. We’re going to take a closer look at some of the best things about switching to solar and how to find the best professional to handle the job.

It Pays For Itself

One of the reasons so many people hesitate to upgrade their home’s electrical system and switch to solar is that it is not cheap. The initial investment certainly does make this cost-prohibitive for lots of folks, but what most people don’t consider is the amount of money they’ll be able to save overall.

First, there’s the lack of monthly electric bills. When your income is only so high, it can be hard to cover your rent, bills, groceries, and other costs that are a part of life. In California, the weather gets hot, so many people are running fans and air conditioners during the day, and sometimes overnight as well. Eliminating an electric bill can free up a lot of money for many families.

On top of that, Pomona sees a lot of sunny days. Even locations with just a few hours of sunlight on a day-to-day basis can harness enough solar power to run their homes, but with the higher than average amount of sunny days, residents in this area get more energy than their homes can use. That excess can be sold back to the power company, helping to offset the cost of the system as well.

Off-Grid Perks

In addition to cutting your electrical cost and getting paid for surplus electricity, homeowners with solar power can take advantage of tax credits and incentives until 2024. Not only are there state incentives, but there are also federal perks as well. Through the Federal Solar Tax Credit, up to 26% of the overall cost of a solar power system can be deducted from their total tax liability.

California is a large state with a huge population, so there are times when there just isn’t enough power to go around, especially during the summer. When this happens, scheduled rolling blackouts are used to stretch the available electricity. When you make the change to solar power, you don’t have to participate in the blackouts since you’re utilizing the sun to get your power.

Homes with solar power also don’t have to worry that inclement weather is going to leave them without power. While homes on the grid experience power outages due to storms and poor weather, this isn’t a risk with solar. Now, there is the possibility that a storm could damage the panels or other components, but this isn’t very likely due to the lack of storms in the area.

Who Should Install My Solar System?

If you’re serious about having solar power for your home rather than relying on the grid, you must have your system installed by a licensed professional that has experience both with solar equipment and roofing. This is the best way to ensure that your equipment is installed correctly and your roof remains leak-free. The company you hire should be licensed, have insurance, and have a reputable reputation with plenty of recent satisfied customers.

Finding A Reliable Professional Installer in Pomona

If you’re ready to talk to a professional and get quotes for your solar installation, reach out to a local Pomona professional solar power installer to get started. You’ll be able to tell them your needs and they’ll give an estimated cost for the equipment and installation. Leaving the grid behind just starts with a phone call.

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