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Thinking About Solar Installation In Anaheim? Use A Pro

People are getting fed up with the power companies and are moving to solar power in droves. This is particularly true for Anaheim, which is blessed with an immense number of sun hours each year, making solar an easy win for most homeowners. Not only does it come with some hefty financial benefits, but you’re also reducing your dependence on grid power.

The Benefits Of Solar

There’s a long list of benefits for moving your household toward more solar power, but we’ll just cover a few big ones here. There’s abundant energy harvested from the sun, but there are also tax incentives and reliability boosts that users can expect.

Nearly Free Power

This is one of the biggest incentives for moving to solar power, since paying the rates the power companies set is outright robbery in some cases. From the moment your system begins operating, your home will have access to cleaner, greener power that will cause an immediate reduction in your energy costs.

The power the panels produce will also usually fill a power bank or array of large batteries, which will store power for your home on the rare days when the sun isn’t shining, or during nighttime hours. Once this power bank is full and your power needs are met, the state of California even allows you to sell your surplus energy to the very same companies that used to charge you for power.

Tax Breaks

The federal government offers homeowners who install solar equipment the opportunity to reduce their tax liability with the Federal Solar Tax Credit. For 2022 this credit allows the homeowner to claim up to 26% of the total cost of the system. The rate goes down to 22% for 2023, however, and the credit will no longer be available in 2024, so there’s never been a better time to install a solar power system for your home in Irvine.

Power Reliability

Another benefit to solar power is that no matter how many people are running their air conditioning full blast in the peak summer heat, you won’t be affected by local power blackouts. This also applies to the occasional severe weather that may cause the neighborhood to lose power, in cases like this, your solar power bank will keep your lights, appliances, and devices charged up and operational.

Mind The HOA

If your area is bound by homeowners association regulations, you will want to look into any potential limitations they may have in place for solar installations. While not all neighborhoods have them, in many situations where they are in use, they can add challenges to the installation such as maximum size or allowing work during certain times. If you have one, be sure you check or you could face hefty fines.

What To Consider When Choosing An Installer in Anaheim

If you feel like it might be time to look into getting the best solar installer for your needs, be sure you always consider a few basic points before working with someone.

History & Experience

Any reputable solar installation company will have a reasonably robust history of successful installations. The very best companies will also have extensive experience as general roofing contractors so that you can rest assured that your equipment will be installed without breaching your roof’s waterproof integrity.

Customer Satisfaction

A good solar installation agent should be able to provide you with some other customers in Anaheim that are enjoying their solar systems. In some cases, you may even be able to see local systems and how they may look on homes of a similar style to your own.

Talk To Local Professionals

Some people may find they’re ready to get on solar power immediately, but others may still want more information. In either case, the best thing to do is to reach out today for a quote. You can have your roof measured, the cost estimated, ask any questions about the system or options, and discuss scheduling and timeframes as well.

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