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Why Solar Installations In Riverside County Are Smart

If you live in Riverside County you’ve probably seen countless homes and maybe even neighbors getting solar panels installed. Everyone has their own reasons and motivations for moving their household toward solar, since there are tons of benefits to it, and chances are you’ve thought of it too. We’re going to cover some of the most common and significant benefits of moving to solar power, and even cover a few tips on making sure you’re working with a professional.

Perfect Climate

Any home that sees the sun for a few hours a day can benefit from solar power, but homes in Riverside County are right in the middle of the perfect climate for harvesting solar energy. Not only are the days usually clear and bright, but there are very few weather events that would pose a danger to the panels, like hail.

The superior number of sun hours that the Riverside County area gets each year is well over the national average, which means your solar installation will generate more power for residents than in most other areas of the country. The state of California will even buy your extra power if your system is grid-tied.

Uninterrupted Power

Anyone that has lived in Southern California for any length of time will likely be familiar with the periodic energy shortfalls that occur. Particularly in larger cities, it’s not uncommon to require rolling blackouts in the peak of summer, so that power can be reserved for critical infrastructure.

These issues won’t apply to you when you have solar power, since even when the sun isn’t out you’ll be drawing power from your power bank or battery array. This means that when a severe thunderstorm rolls through and knocks power out for blocks around, your lights will stay on and you’ll be able to keep working or keep relaxing.

Savings & Incentives

A lot of people are hesitant to get into solar because they think there is a massive initial investment involved. While there is certainly a cost factor that can be associated with the installation, there are immediate savings as well as those that will come down the road.

The power your panels will produce will allow you and your home to draw less electricity from the expensive grid system. This means your monthly power bills will be lower from the instant you install your system. For grid-tied systems, California law states that you also must be compensated for surplus energy that you put into the grid, this means the power company actually pays you.

On top of all that, there are tax incentives and credits that you can claim until 2024 as well. The Federal Solar Tax Credit allows homeowners to deduct up to 26% of the total cost of their system from their tax liability. State incentives are also available, making solar cheaper than ever before.

What To Look For In Your Riverside County Solar Installer

There are a ton of solar installers that cover Riverside County, but before you click one at random, take a few things into account. They should have sufficient roofing and solar experience and should be able to show you some examples of successfully completed projects and satisfied customers. They should also be able to show a valid business license and insurance before starting work, to keep you and them safe, and to avoid any potential fines.

Contact The Best Solar Installers In Riverside County

Regardless of whether you’re ready to start your solar installation or still gathering information, reach out today and talk to a professional solar installer for Riverside County about your needs. You can talk about your power needs and usage, and your solar expert can not only give you a quote on how much your solar system would cost, but they can let you know an estimate of how much it will save you each year. Get rid of the grid, and go solar.

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