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Finding The Best Solar Installers San Diego County

The push for greener and more affordable electric power is causing countless people to look into solar power. Not only can it augment or even replace a home’s existing power, but in some cases, you may even be able to sell surplus power back to the grid.

Looking for the best solar installer for San Diego County homes can be frustrating and even overwhelming, though. If you live anywhere within San Diego County, use these tips to help you narrow down your list of potential companies.

What To Expect From Your Solar Installer

While the process may vary from one company to another, and even from one foreman or project manager to another, there are also some commonalities. First, your installer will schedule a time to come to your location anywhere in San Diego County, and measure your roof in several ways to determine potential options and costs.

Then they will discuss their findings with you. This is where you will generally decide on the specifics of your solar installation, as well as any optional components, and will get a quote from the company for the job. In many cases, this quote will only be valid for a short time, so you will need to decide if you want to continue with the work.

Choosing The Best Solar Installer In San Diego County

Be Sure They Have Experience

While everyone needs their start somewhere, solar installation will require expert technical skills as well as roofing experience. The company that you work with should be able to show that they have sufficient experience with San Diego County solar installations.

Check The Reviews

This might seem like common sense to many people, but you might be surprised how many people skip this step. Check online reviews, particularly on public platforms where the business cannot delete unfavorable information, like Google or even Facebook.

Look At Their Work

If you’re going to have someone doing a project like solar installation, you should have the opportunity to view some of their completed work. Ask your company representative to show you pictures of installations from their portfolio, if they have a history of exceptional solar installs in San Diego County you may even be able to see some previous projects in person.

Check For Current License & Insurance

Having a current license might not seem like a big deal to some people, but not only does it indicate that you’re working with a legitimate solar company, it also protects you. If you have contract work like roofing or solar panel installation on your home in San Diego County, there is the possibility that you could face penalties as the homeowner.

It’s also crucial that the company has current and valid insurance before working on your home, particularly your roof. This will help protect you from any potentially defective work since your roof is what protects the rest of your home as well. It can protect you in the case of anyone being injured while working on your home as well, protecting you from liability and protecting your rights in case you or any workers are accidentally injured during the process.

Talk About Warranty Coverage & Maintenance

When you have narrowed your search down to the final company or two, be sure you talk to them about the warranty coverage and any potential future maintenance needs of your solar equipment. This can often be the deciding factor in a choice of contractor, since warranties on solar panels can vary significantly. Some companies will have provisions for service outside of the warranty period, which can extend the life of your solar installation greatly.

Contact Professionals For A Quote

If you feel solar is right for you, reach out today to request a quote. Once you have the details about your solar project work can be scheduled and you can be on your way to cheaper and more plentiful power.

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