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Upgrade to Solar Panels for Economical and Environmentally Friendly Energy

Driving around in California, you’ve probably seen solar panels on properties, businesses, and even stadiums that take advantage of the abundance of sunshine we have in The Golden State. As Global Warming concerns have grown in the past decades, alternative energy sources that are clean, renewable, and minimize pollution have grown in popularity.

Why You Need Solar Panels

Solar power panels are an environmentally-friendly method of energy generation that provides all types of properties with supplemental, complete, or even a surplus of electricity without producing greenhouse gasses. This can not only help you cut down or even eliminate your energy bill each month, but it can even earn you back an energy credit for sending surplus power back to the grid.

Alternatively, you can request a check for your credit from the power company servicing your property so that your solar panel system not only saves you money, but also makes you money. Plus, solar panels have been shown to increase your home’s value.

On top of the environmental and financial benefits of going green with solar, it also allows you to  free yourself from reliance on the grid so that you don’t have to worry about outages or main power connections to your home. With an effective solar power system, you can produce and store your own electricity that can sustain overnight and for days, if necessary.

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No, you don’t need a battery to utilize a solar energy system. However, if you don’t have a battery backup then you’ll have to use grid power whenever you’re not actively generating power from the sun, such as during the night.

Yes, your solar panels can still generate electricity for your home through cloud cover. However, power is not generated at night due to a lack of sunlight.

While they do not require maintenance after the initial installation, it is recommended that you get your solar panels cleaned once or twice per year and inspected for performance issues yearly.

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While there is an initial cost of getting started with a solar power system, it provides long-term economic and environmental benefits that help to mitigate costs. There are also solar incentives available to help lower the initial costs as well as ways to sell back power to the grid so that you can actually earn back your investment through solar power.


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