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Keep Your Solar Panel System At Top Efficiency with Servicing

Whether you’ve just had a new solar panel array setup or you’ve been enjoying green, renewable power for a while now, it’s important to have a plan for upkeep of your system to help protect your investment and keep it operating at peak efficiency.

While solar panel arrays don’t have many moving parts and are generally resilient to weather conditions, that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be maintained. They are built and configured to optimally generate enough power for your home, but it’s not hard for their efficiency to suffer after months and years of continuous use. That’s why we recommend annual inspections and servicing of your system so that you can continue to enjoy your solar power without interruption.

What to Expect from Solar Servicing in California

In order to generate electricity, solar panels convert electromagnetic radiation from the sun into electricity using the photovoltaic cells that line each panel. These cells require direct contact with the solar energy in order to efficiently complete the conversion process and generate the maximum amount of power possible. However, when your panels are damaged, dirty, or otherwise don’t have full exposure to the sun, their efficiency can suffer.

Our solar power system servicing provides comprehensive inspections of your entire solar panel system, including the panels, electrical system, and readings generated by the panels. During this process, our team will look for any signs of damage and create a plan for repairing or replacing the problem so that your system can be back to full power. We’ll also clean the panels to ensure they are receiving their full potential of solar energy and test your system to look for drops in productions or other problems that may indicate something is wrong. Other services include removing debris from around the panels, clearing any animal habitats that may interfere with the system, battery inspection and testing, and even repairing parts of your roof safely without disturbing your solar panel array.

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